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Walking with you

The decision to renovate, extend or build your home is by turns exciting and nerve-wracking.
Our job is to tune into that excitement and settle your nerves so that you can enjoy the process.
We listen hard to your wants, needs and passions, and turn them into beautiful designs tailored to your evolving loves and lives.
Also, because we are a vastly experienced RIBA Chartered Practice, we know the lie of the land. We pre-empt problems, smooth over bumps in the road efficiently, and avoid obstacles along the way to keep your journey trouble-free.

The process

The overall process can be a bit mystifying if you’ve not done it before.
The key message is that it pays to spend adequate time on the design. The more you think through your plan for the build up front, the better, smoother, more affordable, and more satisfactory the end result.
Using us generally more than pays for itself in the long run.
We offer different levels of service, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to involve us as little or as much as you like: