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Rathbone Street

Rathbone Street is a quiet street close to Tottenham Court Road in central London. Here we refurbished an existing single storey top floor flat to create a contemporary and unusual duplex apartment. Because planning restrictions prevented us going above the original roofline, we created a new top floor on the roof within an existing rooftop balustrade. 


In the centre of this flat, we built a glass-walled courtyard, which provides a hidden area for outdoor relaxation and brings generous amounts of daylight into the living and kitchen area on either side. There is a lively and interesting play of geometry and volume on this level, where the irregular layout and angular walls are mirrored in a bespoke fireplace with forced perspective.


 On the floor below we remodelled the existing layout and created a high quality series of bedroom, bathroom and study spaces. White finishes throughout the apartment give it a crisp, airy and uplifting feel.


Evening Standard – 29th January 2014