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Highgate Hill House

This proposal for the remodelling of a house within a conservation area in Highgate, London, has obtained planning permission. New life is given to an old building to accommodates contemporary needs.

The client did not need the large garage built a few decades ago to the rear of the house but at a lower level and not directly connected to the house so it either had to be demolished or repurposed. We opted for the second option; the existing structure of the unsuitably-located garage provided the opportunity for a transition space between the old house and the garden, while producing a very large living area; there was a retrofit opportunity to save the foundation, the lower slab as well as some of the walls; and a new external “room” could be created using  the garden side wall of the garage.

The ceiling of the living room is lifted so as to feel floated from inside, while the overall floor to ceiling height is increased in order to connect the existing house to the new living room and create more drama internally. The roof towards the south is cantilevered so it creates shadow protection in summer and the glazing receives solar gains in winter.

The repurposed garage is clad with red sandstone with a sawn finish in individual pieces not much larger than bricks.