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25 Years | Stories | Homes

Belsize Architects was founded 25 years ago. Each project we have undertaken has its own story and to mark the occasion 25 of our clients have been kind enough to tell us what they feel about their homes.

We have gone back and looked at a selection of projects, including the very first, in order to focus less on the architecture and more on some of the people we had the pleasure to design for, with the aim of understanding the impact our work has had on their lives.

Click here to download this which brochure contains a single image of each of the projects we have selected together with an extract of the reaction the client has given.

Ultimately the most rewarding aspect of our work has been being able to bring joy to people and uplift their everyday experience of being at home.

We extend our thanks to all the clients and collaborators we have met along the way without whom none of this would have been possible.